Premium Residential and Commercial Window Installations in Potterville, MI

Katz Roofing & Siding offers premium residential and commercial window installation services. New windows can provide cost savings, improve energy efficiency, reduce condensation, and even lower HVAC costs. Katz Roofing & Siding carries a variety of window styles from Silver Line by Anderson. For over 60 years, Katz Roofing & Siding has taken pride in serving Michigan residents and businesses. Let us help you choose the right windows for your home or commercial building.

Window Installation Services

Replacement Window Styles

We can provide you with custom sized windows to enhance the style of your home or office. We can also assist you in selecting the right hardware and window locks to compliment your new windows. Some of the styles of windows we carry include:

  • Double-Hung Windows

  • Single-Hung Windows

  • Casement Windows

  • Awning Windows

  • Bay and Bow Windows

  • Gliding Windows

  • Patio Doors

  • Specialty Windows of Various Shapes and Sizes

New Replacement Windows Reduce Heating Costs

Energy efficient windows can help reduce your home’s or business’s heating costs, especially important with the extreme weather conditions here in Michigan. Less heat escapes, so it takes less heat to keep the interior of your home or business warm. New replacement windows act as insulators. Good energy efficient windows are dual paned and have low-e coatings to protect your furniture, flooring and more from sunlight fading.  New windows can have gas fillers between the glazing that increases the insulating “R” value and reduces heating bills during those long Mid-Michigan winters.

Decrease Outdoor Noise

Do you live or work on a busy street?  New windows are better insulated, keeping the noise outside. The gas between the window glazing helps to reduce the sound of outdoor noises in your home or office.

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